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I jumped into this game about a year ago, and despite the fact that I really only have one opponent, I own every expansion.
I’m a bit of an anal retentive completionist with these sorts of things. But still, I’ve not built my own deck yet.

Back in my MTG days, I’d spend night after night hunched over stacks of cards trying to squeak out every tiny bit of efficiency and combo sauce I could. My wife would just look at me and say, “you gonna play with your cards tonight?” Boxes in-hand, “Yep. My zombie deck is almost perfect. Found a hole in it today playing against Mark.” We’d play at work during lunch.

With Netrunner, since the card pool is always the same (no card chasing), I just pull decks from online that look fun and try them out. Ricky (my opponent) has built a couple Runner decks (he prefers playing Runner and I prefer Corp), but since I’m the only one who owns the game, it’s difficult for both of us to come to a match night with a new deck for each side. I bought two Core sets, and store the Runner cards in one, Corp in the other. He usually just takes the Runner box home with him.

I’m going to give that article a read and hopefully it’ll encourage me to build. Thanks for the link.

Happy to see there’s some Netrunner fans here. 🙂