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I pretty much agree. After backing alot of $$ for the Monolith Conan as well as the Age of Conan expansion…..I am kind of Conan’d out.

Dont get me wrong, the minis look real nice and are pre-painted – BIG plusses in my book. But for what you get, the cost is just too much (even for the early birds – if there are little to no stretch goals added).
The way this KS is going, it does not look like they will be breaking any major number of stretch goals.

I also dont like how you can buy the starter sets separately – but you really need to get BOTH starters for a “playable” game (which will only have 30 figures if there are no stretch goals). Notice i did not use the term “Complete Game”.

I almost wish they would sell the “game system” (cards, dice, etc.) without the minis so i could use my Monolith minis for this system!!

Unless something drastically changes, I will unfortunately not be Kickstarting CROM.