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The price seems about right…

Operation Icestorm has some advantages, it has a mini campaign introducing you step by step into more rules and different units, has the cardboard terrain included along with some fancy faction specific custom dice.

So it is easy to split with a mate. But you could also just download the free rules, and each buy a faction specific starter pack + one or two of the 3 different cardboard terrain sets they have and use regular d20s.

There is, in my humble opinion, a downside to starting war-gaming with infinity though. The minis are multipart metal models. Not ideal (imo again) for a beginner when it comes to building up a force, but maybe more people could give their opinion on it. You just need to be aware that building up those metal models will lead to some frustration, especially if you don’t have any experience with it.

There are alot of skirmish games out there but i haven’t tried many of them yet as i have been playing wargames with big model counts. I will also be trying Malifaux (starterbox on preorder) which has plastic models, far easier to work with than metal. It’s a completely different game though.