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Multigoret. I want to do that which mini painters fear most. I want to click the images to see the bigger. 🙂 Those minis look great.

So, I couldn’t get Infinity out of my brain all day at work, and I recalled down the street from my house is a game store where a few weeks ago I spied some random boxes of Infinity figures on the sale shelf. I’m not quite 100% ready to dive in yet; I really want to push myself to finish painting more of what I already own before buying MORE. But I wanted to get my hands on one figure to mess around with pinning/assembling and see the detail and scale first-hand.

So most of what they had was gone now, but I did pick this up.

Miranda Ashcroft

It actually has “Not for Sale” on the cover art and no bar code to scan. The shop owner didn’t even know how much to charge, so they said, “$10 OK?” I said, “ok.” I had no idea. Anyway, so I can only find a little mention of her here and there, but two ebay auctions have/had her for $25 each.

The few posts I can find about her seem to be pretty complainy/controversial about the rules for mercenaries and her point cost, etc. I have no clue about any of that. I just thought she looked neat.

So, where does one get all the stats for the figures? I imagined that sort of thing would be, you know, in the box with the figure.