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Is there any way in the Army Builder to add portraits of the figures to each stat sheet? Seems like it would be helpful for noobs printing army lists who aren’t that familiar with all the models.

I assembled the miniature last night and boy, that was fiddly work. It’s been a while since Sedition Wars assembly and I forgot how small those pieces can get. I wanted to pin the arms, but I couldn’t find a good angle to get the drill lined up without sending it out the other side, so I just settled for the little nubs to secure it. Seems like a solid bond for now.

An observation that I’m sure you guys can help with. Mold lines. With plastic figures, craft knife them away and they’re done. I used a file for the first time on this Infinity figure, and it felt like a balancing act of removing the mold line without removing details on the figure. I noticed that the lines came off with pretty minimal pressure from the file, so I tried to keep a light touch. Does that sound right from your experience? Also, do you guys typically assemble the miniature THEN remove the mold lines, or do you remove them BEFORE assembly?

I’ll post a pic once she’s based and primed.