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Yeah, I have. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot / localize it too, but unfortunately my issues are spread across two locations (home and work) and three if you count my phone, so it’s proving difficult to nail down.

I’m at home now and I cannot see the edit button for my posts. It used to be just to the left of the “reply” button.

I recently upgraded my home PC (Windows 10, Chrome) to Windows 10, and thought maybe that was the culprit, but when the problem turned up at work (Windows 7, Chrome) I dismissed that theory.

When I posed the original “primed Miranda” pic, I did so on my phone (Android, Chrome browser) while waiting for my lunch. The edit button was visible. Well, as you know, the link was broken so I attempted to fix it when I got back to my office (Windows 7, Chrome) but there was no edit button. Our internet connection at the office is VERY fast and stable. This is when I posted asking about the button having a timer.

Strange thing happening at home now; Images aren’t loading on a web page I frequent,, but I know they normally do. Could be a temp issue on their end, but who knows.

Maybe it’s time to wipe this home machine and do a clean Windows 10 install to see if things clear up, at least at home.

I’m posting this message on my home PC (Windows 10) but trying Edge, the new built in browser. When I submitted this message, the edit button was visible, but only for this message. Further testing when able.