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Know the feeling. Similar to you, Multigoret, I’m collecting and painting most of my games right now.

But my perfectionist ways and limited time due to being an awesome dad and husband are at always odds with ones another. Oh well.

I did get a great day of painting in yesterday. Spent way to much time for the amount of work I got done, but I’m better at blending now, at least a little. 🙂

Back on topic. I can see what you mean from the Infinity videos I’ve watched that the rules and game play have very very deep potential for anyone willing to invest. Going from one video to the next, there can be almost a completely different vocabulary with different armies and abilities. It’s pretty hard to keep up at times.

Like you and Peter, I suspect my depth of investment, once I actually pick it up and get it table-ready, will be more snorkeler level than deep sea diver.