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Thanks a lot for the feedback WonderSlug and UH! Glad you like it.

After playing the game i can tell you a little about it.

It’s a fun and fast race to eight victory points, although some turns might take some time of planning due to the toll mechanic (basically discard cards to do anything from activating a figure to moving etc.). While it is strategic at it’s chess core, there is too much randomness and luck to really call this a strategy game imo. The main reason being that you have to play the corresponding unit card to activate a unit and use it. So for example if you plan everything out and secure your pieces with a queen, chess-style, those pieces might not be secure at all because you don’t have the queen card anymore and thus can’t do anything with it (except a few spell cards). Once discarded it takes several turns until you reshuffle your deck and have a chance to draw the right cards again. The system works, but it creates a pretty chaotic game where you use each turn to do the best things with just the stuff you got in your hands right now.

Sadly there really are balance issues and it seems that not enough play testing was done. It’s mainly one spell card though (and you could just take it out or end up not having it, since each game you draw random unit and spell cards to form your deck). With the rules and cards as they are, there are certain combos of cards or said one spell card which allow you to take a ridiculous amount of enemy units (especially in a four-player game). So even if you carefully place your figures and slowly capture the capitol to score points, your opponent could wipe nearly all of it in one turn (or even win the game). Even worse because there is no way you can foresee anything (especially with lots of cards in hand). You don’t know what cards your opponent has in his hand, which units he can move, what crazy combos he’ll land. There are spell cards which allow you to fly a unit to any square, take others without moving, take for free, take from your (otherwise) secure baseline, move your units, freeze your units or even just add one victory point quickly to win the game and so on…I guess you get the drill.

But once you accept that this is a crazy and fast game in which everything can happen and nothing is secure it is actually quite fun. It just isn’t the deep strategic game i expected it to be.

It looks like most likely there will be updated rules at some point or even a version 2.0 with some changes in the future.