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Hey @UniversalHead (or whomever), I would love to hear your opinions on this game.

I’m playing my first game of Twilight Imperium in 12 days. I’ve been cramming rules / videos etc in preparation.

I KNOW that it’s going to be overwhelming for my typical group. Of course, I’m not even sure how I will feel about it yet.

But, my group is slowly becoming harder and harder core. We just started working on Shadows of Brimstone minis together. (Hanging out, chatting, having some wine and painting minis) So, things are coming together.

I feel like I am embarking on the next step of this hobby as I’m becoming more and more interested in painting / assembling / modding.

Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble. Would love to hear your impressions of this game (or suggestions for other hardcore-ish games) in the context of my group.