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I got my feet wet with this game last week. We just tried it out with two players and it was an enjoyable time. The rules were pretty straight forward, and in the short amount of time I had to play it became obvious that there is a lot of depth once you know the cards / upgrade paths, etc.

I suggest picking your faction before game day and at a bare minimum, flipping through the card decks to get an idea of the types of upgrades you may want to plan your strategy around. I did NOT do that, I felt like any decisions I made about upgrades would be pretty blindly made, so i mostly focused on moving my units around the board and just getting a feel for the general flow of the game.

Army pretense is represented 1 to 1 with the miniatures. Each planet can only support a given number of units, indicated by the number of skulls on the planet’s banner. Want three Chaos Space marines on a planet? Three minis. It’s pretty simple. Is that what you’re asking about?

We only played two rounds before we ran out of time. We are already planning to play it again at our next meetup.