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Home Forums The Smoking Room Where has the world-building creativity in games gone? Reply To: Where has the world-building creativity in games gone?

AvatarUniversal Head

Well, I’d put Games Workshop’s Warhammer world in that category, before they destroyed the whole thing for the new ‘Flash Gordon-meets He-man’ concept.

The Dust Tactics world isn’t particular original, but has a nice weird war ‘feel’.

FFG’s Android universe is developing nicely, though again it’s quite derivative.

Rackham’s scifi universe for AT-43 felt consistent and different, thougn it didn’t have much time to fully develop.

Hell Dorado’s universe has a great history-meets-fantasy conceit and feels rich and detailed.

There are also lots of well-developed worlds in role-playing, and perhaps some more of those could be brought over into boardgaming, instead of relying on generic bland fantasy backgrounds like Terrinoth. But of course a company is always going to prefer their own IP to one they have to pay licence fees for, unless it’s a big money-spinner like Lord of the Rings.