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Home Forums The Smoking Room Where has the world-building creativity in games gone? Reply To: Where has the world-building creativity in games gone?

AvatarCK Lai

OK, I’ll bite.

Depends on what you mean by theme due to the type of games.

If you mean the type where you and I like to play (miniatures heavy, wargame/skirmish level) then yeah. Kind of.

The Big 3 in this category have probably 80%-90% of market share: GW, Warmahordes and Mantic KoW.

That leaves a very small slice of the pie for other companies to thrive and flourish.

You’re right: air of stuff coming our predominantly (although not exclusively) from the USA tends to be rehashed LOTR/D&D tropes.

Wrath of Kings being one of the exceptions but the background is, as you and others (including myself) have mentioned: underdeveloped.

I find a lot of interesting themes are coming out of the European designers.

Alkemy (heh there it is again) also offers something different. But because of lack of funding, it’s also undeveloped. But it’s more than Wrath of Kings.

Then there’s Nemesis from Zenit. Now that’s something VERY different. But for to language issues also a bit underdone. The minis are gorgeous though and definitely NOT your standard LOTR/D&D fare. I just got my KS pledge and I’ll do a review when I can get round to it.

Others that I know of are Carnevale (Magical Rennaissance); etc. Etc. ?

One possible reason is maybe the designers are from similar backgrounds? ie. Western and thus drawing from the same well?

The world is rich with varied cultures. Off the top of my head, there’s Indian, Aztec/Inca, South East Asian… it’s a pity they’re not tapped into as much.

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