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Home Forums The Smoking Room Where has the world-building creativity in games gone? Reply To: Where has the world-building creativity in games gone?

AvatarUniversal Head

I really find myself far more drawn to European fantasy than American, always have. These thoughts are sweeping generalisations, just thinking aloud, but European and to a lesser extent English fantasy seems to be more influenced by artists with a more distinctive personality in their drawings, like the artists of Métal Hurlant (Moebius, Druillet, Bilal) and others like Brian Froud and Patrick Woodroffe, as opposed to more ‘straight’ stuff like Vallejo and Frazetta, and D&D artists like Elmore and Parkinson. As for miniature design, there seems to be more of an emphasis on hand-sculpted pieces than the computer-sculpted ones, and I think the latter can sometimes be static and lacking in personality.

I do agree that in general other cultures don’t get much of a look in, which is why I find Tékumel so fascinating.