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I have to agree with you Universal Head on the setting and art direction. I found both Dreadball and Deadzone to be really fun games. However, the D&D/Tolkien fantasy races in space did nothing for me. In fact, I like the setting less because of it. I find Mantic’s sci-fi universe to be founded on several well tread cliches (some good, some bad) and a lot of throw it at the wall and let’s see what sticks combined with an ever reconning background. There has never been, or the appearance, of an unified vision what the setting wants to be. I think serviceable is a perfect word to some up the Warpath setting.

I also think that Mantic seems to be caught on the event horizon of business. They can’t seem to escape Kickstarter which I personally think isn’t a long term strategy that can keep a full miniatures company a float forever. After all, what retailer wants to stock a product that seems to be undercut every six months in a Kickstarter? Heck, I don’t even like the fact that I paid retail for my stuff because it seems to be available when the next Kickstarter happens. On the other end of the spectrum, if Mantic brings the price of their stuff closer to retail during a Kickstarter it is sure to bring in less money. I also think there will be a point where previous backers stop supporting for whatever reason, and fewer new backers put down money on them.

Plus, Mantic is getting to the point they can’t simply bring back an old Games Workshop game with their twist on it anymore. There just isn’t much left in the GW library they haven’t re-imagined.

Now, I’m somewhat of a fan of Mantic, but I am beginning to tire of them going to Kickstarter for just about everything. Almost as much as they seem to be constantly updating and improving their rules and miniatures every year or two. Especially, since the Mantic games I play don’t have rules available for free.