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Home Forums The Smoking Room Where has the world-building creativity in games gone? Reply To: Where has the world-building creativity in games gone?


I think there is wide range of creative settings in the world of miniatures games. We have dozens of sci-fi settings of both ground based and space based games. There is a whole mess o’ fantasy settings from the generic D&D/Tolkien to some weirder stuff. We even have a bunch of retro-future/alt-history stuff like War of the Worlds and Wild West Exodus. There are a couple of steampunk settings of various flavors out there just like their a couple of post-apocalypse miniatures games now. Heck, there is even a Jules Verne style underwater game as well as a not-Ghostbusters game out there. And that’s on top of just about every historical war era in some manner.

However, I will agree that there are some genres that I think are over represented (generic fantasy and sci-fi) and some genres that I think could use a little more (or any) attention. Personally, I want to see a Weird West setting get a good 28mm-1:48scale skirmish game happen. However, not nearly so gonzo as Wild West Exodus but not nearly as tame as Knuckleduster miniatures. I’m thinking more along the lines of Deadlands from Pinnacle. Actually, exactly Deadlands is what I want. A full range and game, not dozen miniatures to pick from. However, I recognize that Westerns don’t have geek appeal like fantasy and sci-fi and aren’t going to be all that profitable to develop.

That’s the real crux of it. The well trodden path is that way because it is safer financially. I appreciate designers, creators, and developers who make stuff off the beaten path, but I (like everyone) have limited time, money, and willing players to to get into new games. I’m guilty of not straying to far off the path myself, so I don’t think it is right for me to get too bent out shape for a game company making yet another zombie or Cthulhu miniatures game.