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AvatarCK Lai

Actually, you can still play Deadzone with the current rules, even if Mantic revamp them. If I don’t like the new rules, I can always go back to the old ones… much like what I do with Dust Tactics. They are definitely re-vamping the campaign system. As for the main game rules… I dunno. It’s already bloody enough as it is.

YMMV if you like it or not. If not, there’s always v.1.0 to fall back on.

Mantic seems to have made a name for themselves as the not-GW… so they want to take in feedback from the community. Of course, the problem is: everyone in the community has ideas of their own (because they’re budding game designers), so you end up with a lot of input and what the game designer has to do is to sift through a lot of feedback. What it could end up with is: fixing something that ain’t broke.