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Perhaps much of my irritation comes from the fact that all the miniatures games I have except one are going through rapid fire rules revisions. The sad part is the one game that isn’t getting new rules, Bolt Action, is the one I actually want to get cleaned up.

I’m all for using old rule sets. With Dust (which is the game I have the most stuff for), I would stick with the Warfare (pre-Babylon) rules given the option which I do with my largely non-gaming friends. However, my gaming group plays Dust Battlefield which is a solid enough game that I don’t mind so much playing it either. I’m not sure if we are going to change to latest rules yet, though; I think it is likely since we game at a FLGS in a pick-up game format. This seems to necessitate playing the most current rules since new players should be able to get them and the store should be able to sell them (not as applicable with Dust not having a distributor at the moment).

Mantic Games are starting to have a habit of revising their rules (and in some cases miniatures) too often for me. Sure, I can stick with the old ones, and in fact, I probably will since I have no plans to add to Dreadball (I stopped at Season 3) and few to Deadzone that new rules won’t bother me all that much. Like I said though, I am a bit of fan of Mantic Games and would like them to succeed. However, if they get too many customers like me who say, “No, I got enough stuff for the games I like, and I’m okay with the rules I have. I don’t think I want to buy anymore.” They aren’t going to be in business very long afterwards.

Like Universal Head, I want Mantic Games to hire designer(s) who create a solid, fun game with vision and head-space for further expansion of units and/or factions. The I want it heavily play tested to include players looking for loopholes and untended exploits. Finally, I don’t want major overhauls of those rules every other year. Maybe, just maybe with the Rules Committee, Mantic Games is trying to get out of their old cycle of creating roughly-hewn, but still fun games for a much more polished product.