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“…and help make Warpath possible, and fantastic.” – Last line of the pitch video.

Shouldn’t it be the designer’s job to make it fantastic? A good pitch tells people why they should be excited about paying for something, because the thing they’re paying for is already proven to be worth their money. The game being “good” should not rely on the success or failure of a Kickstarter campaign.

It seems like more and more games are having this problem with rules revisions post-release, and I think that’s based on a backward way of approaching their release. I think everyone is trying to ride the Kickstarter cash cow train led by companies like CMON, who live on Kickstarter. They’re releasing products, rushed through production, in what feels like an attempt to not miss the boat. They get these things out the door, and then find out the rules aren’t that good. A good (non-rushed) design process would weed out these crappy rules, but nobody wants to take the time to do it that way.

It really is frustrating to me.