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I’m thinking about backing The Others, too. I really like the horror theme with the sins, the general idea of the different stories and also the miniatures. I don’t like the look of the tiles too much and after watching the gameplay video i’m not really sure about it. It doesn’t really look very engaging and a bit like another dice rolling fest (with which i was disappointed in once i discovered Shadows of Brimstone was one, too). There’s so much luck involved in some turns (looking at that one turn where the vampire hero just died from almost full health because of a fire token and lucky rolls, even though the heroes won in the end). As you guys pointed out, this could just be the impression of a not very well made play through.

Now that I read your opinions I think I’ll just wait another week and if I’m still excited then i might hop on.
Otherwise i will just wait for Demigods Rising (an awesome looking miniatures game) which i backed a year ago and it looks like they are finally making good progress.