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CMoN must be banking on a pledging explosion in the last 6 days otherwise it is hard to see the next 2 sins being achieved with the current stretch goal structure. Maybe they will appear as complete box sets if $800,000 is reached. There is still the mis-titling worry if the game box says 7 and packs a lesser number.
So far I’ve only done the Prologue (starter tutorial) for KD:M. The four starting survivors and the White Lion and did some of the Settlement phase. Having a heap of fun so far. It seems a hybrid civilisation buidling RPG.

The game encompasses four activities:
* Showdown – a grid based battle against a monster (WhiteLion, Screaming Antelope, Butcher, Phoenix, King’s Man, The Hand or The Watcher)- the monster has a variable AI according to its level. Seems to be the monster has a turn and the survivors have a turn of a move and an action – then can be interrupted or modified by conditions in play.
If you win you obtain basic & monster specific resources/experience/injuries or death.

* Settlement – build your settlement with monster resources, story events, use settlement locations to manufacture items.
Update your population of survivors. The settle & survivors have RPG like character sheets to update and track. Innovations and locations develop a type of “tech tree.”

* Miniature building if you want to jazz up your survivors to reflect some gear you’ve made. The game comes with sets of sprue for the monsters (White Line, Phoenix etc) as well as basic unarmoured, leather or hide outfits. Each of these can make 2 male & 2 female figures and includes a range of heads and weapons. You also get a half size sprue of Masks (which can be made with resources from Legendary Monsters or items and can have game effects).

* Hunt – a linear board to hunter a monster. This has includes a set of monster specific cards along with basic ones (these roll D100 to determine hunt events). The band of survivors generally progress along the board toward the monster who may move toward or away depending on the drawn events. How they meet also can determine which side has the first turn.