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Peter – KD:M’s combat at first seems rather restrictive being a grid system with no diagonal attacks. There are a lot of nuances to it from the monster’s AI card system and the survivor’s equipment upgrades and affinities. The Monster AI deck has different attacks and abilities depending on the Level you are fighting. The Survivors go into battle with individual equipment grids (these can become mini-games in themselves as you position items in certain patterns to gain a bonus or enhancement).
The survivors can improve over time from hunt experience and settlement improvement if they are lucky.

CK Lai – Yep I’ve jumped on board the Others Kickstarter now. The figures look like they will be a lot of fun to paint.
It would seem trying to buy the full retail set of the other 5 Sins after the KS would cost more than the game. Perhaps there would be special 5 Sin bundle deals from retailers.

Looks like they would need to reach $1M to include the other 2 Sins in the Kickstarter.
Of the Optional Buys the only ones so far to grab me are the Apocalypse box & maybe the plastic token pack. Not a lot to encourage you to up your pledge from $100.