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AvatarCK Lai

It’s an odd KS, this one. But it’s also following the path of another Eric Lang game: Blood Rage.

I think if they hit $1m plus, all 7 Sins will be available for backers, and non-backers will have to buy them retail later on. Which makes me wonder why the hesitation this KS seems to engender in backers? For better or worse, this is a CMON Kickstarter. It’s not like they can’t fulfil their projects, plus freebies more or less on time (Chinese Lunar New Year holidays and port strikes aside).

Makes me wonder if folks are getting KS-weary, CMON-weary (too many KS in 1 year), or this particular theme doesn’t appeal to many people? (The kinda lack-luster gameplay video certainly didn’t help matters).