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@CK Lai… stop tempting me. I will resist… this time.

I went crazy on Warmachine/Hordes… that’s enough sinning.

Started with Cygnar and Mercs. Added Circle through a Starter Set which means I have a small Legion army for RPG purposes.

Then I looked at how many of my mercs (lot of pirates for RPG campaign) would fight for Cryx and so bought a Battlegroup… but the Satyxis look so cool… so they are swarming now.

Now I can field four 50 point armies and by allying mercs can field both Cryx/Merc and Cygnar/Merc at 100 points.

And UH… I think the general topic of discussion on the forums is how weak we are when it comes to not buying games and how OCD we are about the ones we do buy 🙂