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AvatarUniversal Head

Yes, it is insanity, but then by such insanity are great things achieved …

Tell me, is the system robust enough to support all this effort? I bought the game, the expansions and a healthy number of the metal miniatures, but the few times I played I wasn’t particularly impressed by the game system. Or did I just not play enough?

It’s a big, big endeavour CK. Also you have to pay a licence to not only the game designer, but to the artist/publisher who created the IP.

If you want to crowdfund just the miniatures, I wonder if there’s enough of an audience of people playing the game to justify it. Or fans of the original comic who would be collectors.

I always had the vague idea that if I needed more figures for the game (unlikely considering how much I played it), I could use those from the Bushido range.