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Home Forums The Gaming Room Okko 2.0 crowdfunding insanity? Reply To: Okko 2.0 crowdfunding insanity?


Sounds ok price wise but it would depend on how they look I suppose.

I know it would complicate matters greatly but I think a more expensive 8-10 figure box to cover both sides would be more attractive to backers. Say 3-4 faction specific models & 2-4 more generic ronin/samurai/ninja figures who could join either side.
Square bases to fit the map boards would be nice although round bases seem to be the preference these days.

How many people are out there who have the game and would still be interested in the resin figures ?

Would you include a set of cards & basic mini-rules or do some sort of print&play to increase your potential audience ?

I originally bought metal Wyrd (pre-Malifaux) & some Anima Tactics figures as alternatives…never really worked out though.
Some of the plastic Malifaux oriental models have potential to be used.