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Home Forums The Gaming Room Okko 2.0 crowdfunding insanity? Reply To: Okko 2.0 crowdfunding insanity?

AvatarCK Lai

@ UH: Yeah… it’s all a big endeavour. Who knows if it’ll take off? Hub and Delcourt aren’t responding to our emails… that’s why I thought I’d maybe take a leap of faith and commission some mini sculpts to show them.

As to is the game worth it… heh. Depends on the scenarios, I suppose. They had 4 expansions put out, and apparently the Karasu expansion really adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. I have it, but haven’t opened the box yet as I’m still playing the base game.

@ Razide: Good suggestions. I’ve actually broken it down to 3 factions with 5 boxes: Demon Hunters, Demons (2 boxes with 3 figures each) and Mercs (2 boxes with 4 minis each). Demons because 3 of them are huge (compared to human minis) and the cost of them shoots up when doing in resin. The mercs… 8 resin minis in one box will bump the price up tremendously. Would people want to buy a box of 8 resin minis for $75-$80? (They will include the never-produced Archer and Nogosaki minis).

Yeah… square bases or round? Game logic dictates square. Market forces say round.

As to cards and quickstart rules… all depends on whether Laurent wants to get involved or not.

It’s all a bit in the air at the moment, since those who hold the IPs aren’t responding. That’s why I made a joke with my partner: if they don’t respond, we’ll go a head and put up the KS anyway, and then they’ll HAVE to respond 😀