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There are complexities to combat, modifiers to the roll, using one digit of the d100 to determine which type of attack occurs.

But I was comparing the complexity to the likes of A Touch Of Evil where you roll multiple d6 and have to get 3+, 4+ etc and count successes. Too many games rely on d6.

And you’re right about custom dice, so common now. You spend so much time working out which symbols cancel which (FFG Star Wars for example) that it detracts from the gameplay, takes you out of the game and into the metagame.

I asked Greenbriar about solo play and as I expected, solo you play two characters, with possibility of sing!e character in future expansions, beyond this Kickstarter, which is good.

Firstly, two characters is no hassle to run and allows you to combine them in multiple ways.

Secondly, it means they are thinking beyond this Kickstarter, so the game has a future, not a one shot.