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Home Forums The Workshop Cthulhu Wars (and flimsy faction sheets) Reply To: Cthulhu Wars (and flimsy faction sheets)

Universal Head

No, I haven’t even considered painting them as yet. It may be somewhat lower on the priorities list for a while.

The game is good, though I still think it’s over-priced and the miniatures are too large. I would have enjoyed the game just as much if everything was scaled down somewhat. We’ve only played a couple of times and no one’s been desperate to get it back to the table, though I’m sure no one would refuse a game of it either. Which is probably a shame as it would be better as you got to know the factions better.

I’ll check out the new Kickstarter when it happens, but it would have to be pretty compelling for me to want to spend more money on this game than the large amount I’ve already spent.