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There are rumours of the Nightmare Ram expansion – intended to be a dungeon crawl. The model already exists.

The game is pitiless and brutal towards your survivors. I was a bit disheartened by Bob’s death. The event card simply said your most experienced hunter is murdered ! I’ve read some players are spending the Survival points to avoid “instant” dead situations to some of their characters. I have a feeling I will be doing that occasionally as this game progresses.

Survival points can be gained by settlement events, wearing particular items on a hunt or abilities, they can be used mainly in the hunt/showdown to avoid a wound or perform extra actions.

Your characters can also gain insanity which as as protection from brain injury (!). Sort of good but the outcome of some encounters and events can be determined by characters insanity levels.
3+ insanity means you are insane in KD and most of the characters reach that quite quickly & easily.

One of my survivors has a Catgut Bow so I decided to build two figures from the Lion Armour kit (you can build 5 figures from this sprue set) one being armed with a bow for ease of recognition during the monster hunt showdown.
The plastic figures are close to the plastic Malifaux ones in fiddly construction and assembly. The first survivors are fairly bland in comparison to the armour kits with fur, hide and armour. The heads are quite detailed and the females in particular have a range of hairstyles…….there really should be a Hairdresser location for the settlement.