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Two more RPG-ish games to mention.

Blackout: Journey Into Darkness (is that a colon is see before me?) has made it’s third appearance on kickstarter. First was a failure. Second was cut short by creator, despite making the funding to ‘refine the the game’.

I did like the look of it, but the shipping to the UK was $50 on a $100 game at the time which I thought was ridiculous. More reasonable $20 now. I’m watching it, but not back yet.

The other is Sword and Sorcery which has a day one discount and has already funded.

Reminds me a lot of Castle Ravenloft and Descent. Has more potential levels than Ravenloft (7 instead of 2) and two class options for each character, but not as thematic as Folklore.

I tried pasting the links for both, but it inserts the video instead when I cut/paste. If anyone knows how to link the page with the video popping up… please let me know… it’s bloody annoying.