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AvatarCK Lai

@ Razide: Yeah, if you backed during the KS, you get the alternate coloured sculpts (pink and green) to indicate your various states during the game (Detected/Undetected; Alert/Not Alert). Very nice!

Yes… the rulebook is a pain because the info is all over the place and is not presented in a systematic way. (Having said that, it’s only 12 pages long, and that guy must NOT have had the pleasure of trying to play Myth with the v.1.0 rules… now, THAT was a real PITA rulebook that needed a fan to RE-WRITE his own Unofficial Rulebook for us to be able to actually play the game).

That said, the gameplay moves smoothly once you get the hang of things. I played a test game last night to run through the rules. Had to abort it. Too many newbie errors! (eg. I mistook the cost of recruiting a Guard for how many Actions he could take a turn. Ouch! That allowed him to kill a Ninja in 2 turns… not letting the Ninja run away at the penalty of generating a Noise token…)

But yeah, it’s a fun game with the Stealth, Evade, Detect and secret missions mechanics. The best part is it borrows the best part of L7: Omega Protocol: “Adrenalin”. If, during his turn the Ninja player generates Noise, those Noise tokens are given to the Guards player during his turn that can be used to Recruit or activate Guards. Sweet!

Hopefully I can get a second game in later tonight!

Okko:Yup! I don’t have the Okko minis to compare, but the boards are 100% compatible. One thing about RotK is the game board is static (like Tannhauser). Nicely detailed but you’re stuck with what they give you. The Okko maps are modular, so you could, in theory, make up your own map and play the Missions on the Okko maps.

The RotK minis are lovely once they go through the hot/cold water dunking. The plastic is good quality that holds details well. It’s just that they shoved and crammed all the minis into these small plastic bags that ended up squashing them. Not sure how many minis you could use for Okko as the Okko minis are very specifically keyed to the comic, but the scale matches. That final photo I posted shows all the sculpts from the base game + expansion + add-on 1 boss mini + 1 add-on Ninja less the KS Exclusive Princess Hostage mini (that I forgot about).