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CK Lai

Don’t have that expansion for Okko. Only the Karasu. I think the metal minis for Bushido give you more scope for Okko proxies… but not for the named minis, though since they’re so specific.

Yeah, the board is 2 x 2 and very well produced. In fact, the physical components for the game are very nice. Not quite FFG class but close. No complaints there. If they’d done a better job on the rulebook, I think this game would be generating more buzz as there’s nothing quite like it out there at the moment. A stealth Ninja game! 😉

My board set up for last’s night’s test game:

My super-stealth ninja sneaked into the mansion with no problems… (you can see the Unalert Guards in orange while she’s still in Stealthy Grey).

But my average Ninja failed his stealth search, causing the Guards to move into Alert mode (pink minis) where they managed to Detect him, hence the Green mini.

You can download the Beta Rules (about 90% complete from final) via the link I gave above, then this link of BGG does a very EoG-like summary (doesn’t look as nice, of course) that solves about 95% of any rules issues you might have. Very good!

The other issues with the rules are just timing issues (when some effects and cards get played, etc.) that needs to be worked out via FAQs.