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Yes, this is the 3rd iteration, but the creator listened to backer input to relaunch and improve the game and the campaign. It is funded now and so close to unlocking the next stretch goal and on the climb. The original campaign had 4 enemies. The new one has 14 enemies, which also increases the overall time and number of missions. With all enemies it is 10 Missions, which offers a good 15 hours for a single play-through. The game is also fully CO-OP and the event system guarantees that no two mission play out in the same manner. As far as the miniatures go, the original 4 heroes are the same but now there are alternate male and female of each type, and 2 additional companion classes. Most of the enemies have been re-sculpted and offer 3 poses per enemy type. They are far more dynamic and the Nightgaunt has been redesigned and resculpted. The Devourer was not part of the original campaign and gives the players a large boss to battle at the end of the campaign.

Included in Basegame:

Stretch Goals:
7.Infected Humans
11.Infected Bear
12.Infected Wolves
13.Infected Cougars
14.Infected Elk

Unlocked Stretch Goals:
Alternate Tracker
Alternate Engineer
Alternate Slayer
Alternate Recon
Companion Class: Helper & Drone

So thanks for checking it out and if this sounds interesting to anyone else, have a look!