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Universal Head, I am a backer of the game. I backed it on the second launch and agreed with many other backers that Richard had a great game that needed a little more polish and a better stretch goal structure. He listened and improved the game and the goals. Both of his previous projects are being fulfilled, albeit past the original deadline and slowly. There are many disgruntled backers from his previous projects who have been very vocal (also nothing new to kickstarter), but there are also those who have posted in the Kickstarter comments for Zero Hour and Legendary Monsters that they have in fact received their game and are very happy with it. Richard alone has done all the writing, designing, the initial art pass, painting the miniatures, running game tests, all layout and graphic work as well as dealing with factories and shipping. He has learned from his mistakes during his past two campaigns and will not be packaging and shipping the games himself. The game has been streamlined so that he only needs to use one factory for the board pieces, decks and miniatures. Previous projects were delayed by having to coordinate between multiple factories and switching vendors.

Once he has approved all materials for this project, the final game will be shipped to him for review. After he approves the final game, he will allow the factory to release the shipment. Backerkit will be handling the US shipments and will provide backers with confirmation and tracking information. The Backerkit network also has distribution centers in the EU that will be working that side of the globe. The projected schedule is 8 months production time to print, box and ship the game across the ocean. 4 months for printing samples and approval, 4 months for travel and customs.

Btw, just reached the next stretch goal, 100k!!! Richard has also created several new pledge levels for duplicate copies of the game & stretch goals, miniatures only, and game & extra set of miniatures.

If you have the money, and the patience, you can help a project be successful. If you don’t, then just wait for the retail or find something else that fits the bill.