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AvatarUniversal Head

8thPagan, I doubt very much that GW will ever start charging reasonable prices, I’d take you up on that bet any day of the week! But really, I have no hard and fast position on GW that won’t happily be torn down by a change of attitude from the company. If they start making really good games I’ll buy them, and I’ll probably be first in line if they make good remakes of old favourites like Necromunda.

If BaC gets discounted I’ll probably get it, but I’m not paying NZ$260 for a beer-and-pretzels game. I can get almost two excellent CMON games packed with minis and fun gameplay for that price.

But if I was magically the CEO tomorrow, I’d also see the company interact with their customers like any normal company in the 21st century, allow their fans to support their games without the threat of litigation, let customers buy their products online from any seller worldwide, and stop price-fixing for different countries. And I think if they did all these things GW would establish their future in their industry long-term and be an even more successful company. Possibly someone there is waking up to the fact that the corporate strategies they’ve been hanging onto for so long are now outdated and old-fashioned for a modern large company. If so, there might be a bright new era for GW over the horizon. I hope so, because they’re a beloved part of my personal gaming history.

But bloody destroying 30+ years of development of the Old World and replacing it with He-Man and fantasy space marines? I reckon whoever came up with that should be pilloried in the public square. 🙂