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You’re right, it’s odd that some of the mechanisms are really smooth and refined (around the combat decks, for example) while others are clunky as heck.

From the base game, Fall of House Lynch with the Shoggoth objective is the best one for new players.
The Inner Sanctum scenario with the Keeper trying to spawn a Cthonian is pretty fabulous, thematic and exciting. I’d house rule that the Keeper isn’t allowed to move the Cthonian out of the chapel, or at most one space per ‘Command Minion’ action… otherwise it can just run away from the investigators to win in four turns.
Blood Ties is amazing, but as you discovered in an old session report, you have to avoid choosing the Zombie/crypt/altar objective (I think it’s 1B) otherwise it’s a Keeper auto-win.
The other two scenarios in the base game can be disappointing more often than not.

From Forbidden Alchemy, Yellow Matter 1A and 1C are incredible. The Yellow Sign and The Laboratory have been our favourite Print and Play scenarios, and can’t really comment on Call of the Wild.

Good luck!