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I own all the big boxes for Mansions and have painted the monsters, but held off of on the Investigator figures as they were more fiddly.

Since I got into Hordes and Warmachine I have been painting a lot and might go back and tackle this…. plus A Touch of Evil which I’m going to for a swashbuckling RPG campaign.

I find that ink and armour washes can hide a lot of sins in painting and make things look ‘dirty’, which works for Circle Orboros Tharn who are savages. Should work for Cthulhu monsters, so I will at least try that.

Only played Mansions a few times and always as Keeper. Sadly only one player who was running 2-3 characters. It does work with two, but I suspect it would be better with more.

Been meaning to try out the fan made solo rules, but I have low expectations, which is a pity as horror works as solo game in the likes of Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign.