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AvatarUniversal Head

MatineeIdyll129 – my summary has those rules included, they’re not hard.

We played ‘A Cry For Help’ last night and I really enjoyed it as the Keeper, but I think the players didn’t enjoy it quite as much. They felt under the gun the whole time, despite the fact they pulled off a lucky win right at the end. It was still a good game night through, and there were some fantastically cinematic moments. I think it’s a brilliant game, but then again I’m always the Keeper so maybe it’s not as fun being an investigator and not knowing exactly what’s going on!

I do think what’s missing is a good summary of each scenario for both Keeper and Investigators, clearly setting out some of the goals and strategies for each game. You can sometimes get situations like “surprise! You can’t do that until event #3” which are discouraging for players. And sometimes a scenario only actually makes sense when you’ve played it through.