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Home Forums The Storage Room Any Arcadia Quest inserts? Reply To: Any Arcadia Quest inserts?


Super Dungeon Explore is a pretty good one for how much is there. It adds some fun stuff if you want to play with an Overlord or even fully Cooperative play…and not that hard to expand with an extra friend or random player at a game shop.

Arcadia is not that bad, but very simple. Limited to just 4 players max due to guilds. And as stated in a previous post…I enjoy it with the kids (11 and 7).
Its simple enough for them, and has a few advanced options for veteran players to get into. Also a PVE/PVP combo with very simplistic monster activations.

It really depends on your group. If you guys play more Descent or Myth, I would go SDE over AQ. But if it will be an intro game for the family, and you are all competitive, go Arcadia. Both are good in their own right, but neither are as good as Descent. SDE is just a cartoon-ish version of Descent.