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Home Forums The Gaming Room So, what are your Top 10 boardgames? Reply To: So, what are your Top 10 boardgames?


In no particular order some of my favorites are:

War of the Ring (I also ordered the WotR painted collectors edition due in 2016)
Memoir 44 (I also have most of the expansions)
Heroscape (not sure if it counts as a boardgame – but i love it!)
Space Hulk (A CLASSIC must-own grail game!)
Blood Rage (The miniatures are superb; great game as well)
The Battle of Five Armies (I love Tolkien – and this game is easier to get to the table than WotR)
Middle Earth CCG (If you play this on the Middle Earth map with LOTR miniatures to represent your parties, it is like a boardgame – the best CCG ever IMHO)
Battlelore 2.0 (I want to get the undead faction to add to my base game)
Kemet (I don’t own this one, but i have played it and like it alot)
Claustrophobia (Really good dungeon crawl – I love the fact that the “Good Guys” are convicted criminals/murders doomed to Hell!!)

Some others that I really want to get/try are Fury of Dracula, Runewars, Tannhauser, Eldritch Horror and Spartacus.