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AvatarCK Lai

@ Razide: You backed Escape: fighting for Freedom as well? What do you think of the game? I think it’s a great gateway/entry level game for dudes on a map style games.

My outstanding list (chronological order):

– Demigods Rising (will be at least 2 years delay!)
– Age of Conan expansion (over 1 year delay)
– Conan (several months)
– Myth Journeyman
– Deadzone: Infestation
– Project: Elite (several months delay?)
– Pedion Terrain System
– Zombicide: BP
– The Others
– The Networks
– Alkemy
– Side Quest
– Sword & Sorcery
– Banner Saga (Myth minis)

Ouch. That’s rather a lot. I fell off the wagon 🙁