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Assembled & painted some more survivors but the Phoenix are both in primed or undercoated states.
One could be in action soon as events have now entitled the group to hunt a big chicken.

Fun in the settlement. So far it is a more dangerous place than hunting the monsters. A group of armoured strangers impaled Stan on a halberd in the settlement for apparently no other reason than they could. Sitting around eating BBQ Antelope after a successful hunt, Tiffany & Bruce has a fight over was the better hunter which ended up with Tiffany joining the growing list of those expired. Luckily John one of the founding survivors was able to play Matchmaker and encouraged a couple to have a child without the aid of the LoveJuice gathered during the hunt.

The population is still hovering around 11. Still disquiet there is no Hairdresser location. It is so tempting to make one up.

KD posted up some of the one-shot scenarios for some of the KickStarter special figures. These should be fun to do and often provide a way of adding an more to the population if they are successful in their fights with monsters as they can then join the settlement.