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@ CK Lai.
The sliders on the plastic boards are very stiff when you first unpack them. Carefully slide them up and down a few times prior to play to make them easy to use before you start playing with cards on top. I notice there are 2 spare sliders included in the bag with the plastic board pegs as well.

I played through the Tutorial: Danse Macabre last night (Mrs Razide insists I know the rules and mechanics before I make her play a game). It is only two map tiles and took an hour and a bit to complete due to looking up rules. Not too bad for my first introduction to the game. The whole thing runs through quite smoothly and very enjoyable.
Looks like there is a whole sub-game of weapon combos and character abilities to explore as well.

After that I primed the heroes and 1/3 of the zombies.