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AvatarUniversal Head

Joe, I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to this excellent post earlier, it slipped between the cracks. Great stuff, and I’m so glad I’m in some very small part contributing to your gaming enjoyment.

There’s a gadzillion things to do in New Zealand, but I’m prejudiced when it comes to the south island, which has absolutely spectacular scenery and some stunning places to visit. The north island has its fair share of sights too, but I’m less famiiar with them. Mt Cook is gorgeous if you’re lucky with the weather. The west coast is wild and beautiful and leads down to the amazing Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. Queenstown is great for adventure activities (though a bit touristy). Milford Sound is hard to get to but worth it. If you’re into walking (or tramping as they call it here) there are some of the best multi-day walks in the world.

Seriously, there’s so much to do and see I hardly know where to start. Hope you have a fantastic trip and welcome to the EOG !