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CK Lai – from yesterday’s update#66 “Asian Pacific Countries – According to our manufacturer in China packages are still being shipped to backers.”

“Europe – The first container arrived and it was fully shipped. The second one should be done by December 19th.”

Also advising of the ArmyPainter BlackPlague bundle:
1 NEW Black Plague Warpaints Set;
1 Colour Primer: Necrotic Flesh (perfect for zombie skin);
1 specialized Zombicide Warpaint: Glistening Blood;
+ 1 FREE Aegis Suit Satin Varnish spray for protection.

And I’d just bought three ink washes this week. The rest of my Plague Zombies had a bath in preparation for some colouring.

Finished successfully playing the Big Hunt Mission last night too. Luckily the magic user Baldric had that vault spell towards the end along with being up in the orange level and he was able to wipe of whole sectors full of the plagued ones with some decent die rolls. Good fun.