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Home Forums The Gaming Room What's your favourite Star Wars game? Reply To: What's your favourite Star Wars game?

AvatarUniversal Head

Saw the film yesterday – great fun.

I have all the above games and they’re all good, but I’m not a fan of the endless expense involved and find myself getting to a certain point and then saying “I’ve got enough now” (taking into account how often they actually get to the table). Though when it comes to X-Wing and Armada, the amount of stuff you have to buy to have a god gaming experience is frustratingly expensive.

I find Imperial Assault more enjoyable than Descent actually, but I agree that the ‘one vs many’ nature of it can wear out its welcome (I always end up being Overlord too). I really dislike the system of buying the core game or an expansion and then having to buy the extra figures separately. That’s fine if you can drop into your local FLGS in the US and get them cheaply, but with shipping and markup, it gets ridiculous for those of us on the other side of the world.

Overall, they’re all good games, but they can easily eat up quite a lot of your gaming budget.