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Having just watched the three-part video of us playing this game, I’ve concluded that you could just as easily dispense with the Fate cards altogether.

Sure, that would make it a bit less like GW’s ‘Man o’ War’ and a tad more like the old Avalon Hill cardboard classic ‘Wooden Ships & Iron Men’, but then you could consider actually taking it seriously as a tactical naval game, rather than a knock-about dice-fest.

This might make the attribute differences between the different vessels take on a bit more significance in the game, because there would be some point in playing to your strengths (e.g. boarding actions with big crew), secure in the knowledge that no random card is going to knock half you sails out or kill half your crew at any moment. For instance, the submersible tentacle ship is ideal for getting into boarding or raking range without getting broadsided en route, or stuck facing into the wind.

I’d like to give it a try one day as serious naval game, just to see whether the core rule system can cope with it!