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Home Forums The Gaming Room So, what are your Top 10 boardgames? Reply To: So, what are your Top 10 boardgames?


Very tough question, but here’s a go:
Memoir ’44
War of the Ring
Shanghai Trader
Squad Leader (yes, going back to the 1980s here)
Space Hulk (2nd edition)
World in Flames
Tide of Iron
Ticket to Ride

I’ve left out Wrath of Kings, Dust Tactics Battlefield and Hell Dorado on the basis that they’re tabletop games (and Dreadfleet because I’ve heard it’s crap 🙂 ). I’ve left out a host of other old Avalon Hill games like Russian Campaign, Panzer Leader and Battle of the Bulge on the basis that I rarely get a chance to play them anymore (and with Panzer General and its equivalents on the computer that’s possibly understandable). And of course Blood Bowl should really get a mention, but again, haven’t played it for years.

Looking at the lists there are clearly MANY games that we need to acquire so we can play-test them on video and provide a rules summary. Over to you Mr Universal Head.