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AvatarCK Lai

As requested: MERCS Recon : Assassination Protocol BatRep.

Keizai Waza MERCS take on the “Assault on Priarus Ventures” mission: get in, retrieve the data from the Open Terminal, get out. All 5 MERCS must survive.

Set up: Tried to set up according to the rules and didn’t watch the set up video (deliberately). Note: placement of Agents (red, black, blue tokens) made a bit difficult because a bit difficult to see the marks on the tiles. The green “?” are objective tokens. 1 real, 3 fake.


MERCS enter the building and face 3 employees. They intimidate the employees, who cower. The MERCS then kidnap one worker. Can’t interrogate him though, as he knows nothing.

A SecFor II comes across the MERCS. She attacks but misses. The MERCS take her out. Quietly. They quickly kidnap 2 more employees, removing them from harm’s way (and potentially raising the alarm). The Daimyo uses his Scanner to check the Data Center. There’s a Robotic Arm inside. Not the target. Next!

The MERCS spread out. 3 of them encounter 2 workers and 2 technicians… who run for cover! 3 employees manage to escape through the stairs, raising the alarm!

The Daimyo and the Pathfinder move into the corridor where data indicates a second possible location for the objective… and run into 2 SecFor II’s! The Pathfinder takes out a SecFor II… but the other is too far way (end of the corridor).

The SecFor II runs toward them… thankfully the MERCS are just out of range of her weapon.

On the other side of the hallway, the Heavy kidnaps and interrogates the remaining Technician… but the loyal employee stubbornly refuses to reveal any corporate secrets. They quickly shuffle him out of the way so he doesn’t raise the alarm.

The Pathfinder disposes of the last SecFor II guard. The Daimyo moves forward to check out another Data Center. No luck. It’s a Power Core.

The MERCS spread out to cover the Hallway… and run into 3 SecFor I’s!!! The SecFors deal some damage to the Heavy and the Wrench.

The MERCS retaliate and wipe out all 3 unarmoured guards… raising the alarm to Security Level 2 in the process!

But the benefit is: there are now no more employees or SecFor on the floor!

The Daimyo and Pathfinder hustle over to the next Room: R&D. Sure enough, the Open Terminal is there! The MERCS prepare for a Breach and Clear Action.

All 5 MERCS rush the room… it’s a trap! They’re facing 5 SecFor III’s and 3 Secfor II’s!!!

The ensuing firefight in the confined area wrecks the room… but thankfully the Open Terminal is unharmed.

The MERCS also managed to outshoot the SecFor forces, forcing them to retreat as they’ve sustained heavy casualties (70%).

The MERCS secure their objective and prepare to head for their Extraction Point (luckily, it’s the Stairs next to the R&D section) when they run into a nasty surprise: 4 heavily armed and armoured Secfor III’s pop out of the 2 nearby stairwells!

They promptly take advantage of their ambush and attack the Heavy. His armour shrugs off most of the damage, so they switch target to the lightly armoured Spy. She takes the worst damage: 9 wounds in the firefight. 2 more wounds and she’ll be down and bleeding out!

The MERCS go on a devastating offensive, starting with the Heavy who manages to wound both SecFor III’s facing him. The others take turns to finish off the wounded SecFors in the hallway before turning their guns on the SecFor III’s crouched in the Stairwell. The Spy expends all her CP’s in 2 attacks that kill one SecFor and wound another. The Wrench finishes off the wounded SecFor.

The Extraction Point is now clear! The MERCS exit into the night with their prize.


That was interesting and fun. A few unclear rules questions popped up but I just went with the flow and moved on. Definitely need some FAQs to clear up some points, especially when the directions on the cards contradicted the rules. Normally in these cases, the cards always overrride the rules, and that’s what I did… which was why 3 SecFor I’s managed to ambush the Heavy!

Lots of fun and I’m settling down to re-read the rules again with a fine tooth comb.