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I’ll give an endorsement to both the FFG co-op/solo variants as well as Redjak’s work for both Descent & SW:IA. The nice thing about Redjak’s variants is that they let you solo/co-op the actual campaigns. This does require letting at least one player in on the surprises of the various encounters – what forces are waiting behind doors, etc. – but this does let me help my 7-year old son through the campaign without playing against him.

As for the FFG modules, as others have said, they are well produced and tell a fun little tale as you go. There is a bit of randomization in what cards come up as well so you will be able to replay a couple of times and have a somewhat unique experience each time in what cards appear at what time.

I’m positive that FFG will do the same with SW:IA. These print on demand modules they have must be pretty inexpensive to produce so I am sure it is only a matter of time.